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We are your Grande Prairie TECH SUPPORT business that keeps your technical troubles in check. So how do we do that?


We communicate with you start to finish. You always know what the status is with your repair and we keep you informed every step of the way!


We use the best brands and trusted technology to ensure your business stays connected. We don't sacrifice quality because we believe you deserve to have the best. We know great products results in a great experience!



Providing you with excellent service at a lower cost means you save money while you profitability goes up! Our rates are $90 per hour. Can't say the same about the competition!



Skilled Techs!

We only provide the best qualified technicians who have worked in the Information Technology industry for 15+ years. 


Offering Services such as:

  • Computer Repair

  • Network Installation

  • Cloud Service

  • Backup and Restore

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Email and Website Support

  • Phones and Internet Services


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