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Computer Services!    Things we do to help you!

Computer Repair

Does your small business need help with your computers, printer or network?

We specialize in helping small businesses in Grande Prairie sort out the complex systems that go into running your business. We help with all your computer repair and IT services such as hard drive replacements, solving Windows problems, computers that won't start or are just plain slow!

Data Backup

Is your data safe and backed up? Are you sure? Truth is most businesses either don't have backups or they do but its not running right. We check and ensure your data is safe everyday. Data can be stored locally or uploaded to the cloud where it is accessible anywhere including your smartphone! 

We can run daily reports that show and verify that your data is backed up and safe. Check out our blog here for more information on backing up your data!

Backup Blog



Networking is neither fun or exciting but it is what really makes your computer work. It allows your business to share files, print, surf the Internet, check your email, and communicate online. 

We take the guess work out of networking and make it work for you. Whether you are moving computers, adding computers, renovating or need better WiFi, call us at Revive I.T. Solutions and we can take the complexity out of networking so your can focus on your business!

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