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Choosing the right computer for you!

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Looking to buy a new computer for your home or office? See our helpful tips on picking out the best one for you!

Its not all about the specs!

Before you get focused on the gigabytes, terabytes and ghz of the computer, take a good look at the machine first. Note this part only applies to laptops. Is the laptop screen too large or too small? A larger screen will consume much more battery life and often be heavier and both of these are negatives. A smaller screen is easier to carry around and the battery could last you throughout the day. Next is the keyboard. I have known people to feel excited about a great deal on a laptop only to find out it was because it was a french/english keyboard. The extra keys make it difficult to type on. Don't fall for this!

Priced low for a reason!

Don't think that any computer will do. A $400 computer is not the same as an $800 even though they both have Windows. You will find the build quality of an $800 to be much higher and will generally last you much longer than one half the price. A good processor can be as much as $400 so when the entire computer is $400 which includes the case, screen, processor, hard drive, memory and Windows licensing, you kind of know that those components individually won't be that good. Spend a little more and get a much better computer!

Next the Specs!

In my opinion the average computer should have at least the following:

An i5 Intel Processor

4GB of RAM

Windows 10 Home

1TB Hard Drive

Looks for these minimum specifications when your buying your next computer so you know you'll end up with a great computer that can handle all your day to day tasks!

Have any questions! Just send us an email to for more help!

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